Dynamic Movement & Strength Training Classes with Rike Aprea

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8:30-9:00am Basic Stretching
9:15-10:00am Core Strength for Back Pain
12:30-1:15pm Stretch & Mobility for Athletes
The same principles involved in rehabilitation of patients with injuries apply in performance enhancement, and durability in athletics. When an athlete defaults to ineffective positions and movement patterns, it has a direct correlation on muscle output. The goal of our sessions is to improve an athlete’s performance by improving range of motion and stability, creating optimal movement patterns and decreasing injury risk by delaying fatigue. 

45 Minute First Time Assessments $70

•30 or 60 Minute Follow Up Sessions

•Small groups sessions

•Team mobility sessions


Suffering from Low Back Pain?

Getting ready for the ski season or a sports event?

Team up with our Personal Trainers to identify injury risks, muscular imbalances and receive a blueprint program that will help you get back to whatever it is you love doing.