Team Mobility

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The High School Mobility & Injury Prevention Program focuses specifically on musculoskeletal health. Our mission is to help eliminate pain, reduce stress, and prevent injury for your athletes. We do this by teaching active recovery strategies to encourage the highest functional state for athletes - which means they are mobile, stable and pain free.

These sessions will:

· Target Sport Specificity: targeting major muscles that are used in the day-to-day practice of your sport.

· Teach athletes daily strategies to self-treat /educate them on body awareness.

· Work with injured athletes to accelerate active recovery, and with non-injured athletes to enhance individuals’ overall performance and minimize likelihood of experiencing non-contact injuries.

· Build smooth transitions from injured athlete to performance-ready athlete.

· Reduce stress with breathing techniques to down regulate the nervous system (treat anxiety & recovery).

*Trainers and Coaches encouraged to attend.

How this helps your staff:

·  We provide hands-on supplemental trainers with years of experience.
·  Teach athletes to tend to themselves before they see the trainer/freeing trainers up for acute issues.
· Educate athletes to better understand that their body so they communicate better with coaches & trainers.