Wellness Therapies

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Massage Therapy:

Neuromuscular Massage
Sports Massage

30 Minutes... $55
60 Minutes... $110
90 Minutes... $150

Recovery Tool Add Ons: $20
•Air Relax
•Complex Muscle Stimulation

Relaxation Massage

Add-Ons to Massage Service:
•15 Minute Foot Massage w/Essential Oils $20
•15 Minute Head & Neck with AromaTouch or Breathe Essential Oils $20






90 Minutes... $130






•Breath Work
First Session: 120 Minutes... $195
Follow up Session: 60 minutes... $100

*Breath Work First Timer? See Below

First session 90 Minutes... $120
Follow up session 60 minutes... $70

*Acupuncture First Timer? See Below

What to expect for your first Breath Work appointment:

Did you know that the way you feel in your day-to-day life directly correlates with how well you breathe? Are you breathing a full, open healthy breath? 

Breath Work helps you…

•Raise your energy level
•Reduce the impact of stress
•Have more mental clarity
•Awaken your passion


•Increase detoxification
•Improve your immune system
•Deepen your relationships
•Improve the quality of your sleep
•Bring more health and joy into your life and
start LOVING your life! 

Join Tara as she guides you through the powerful and profound experience of conscious, connected breathing that will lead you to a healthier breath pattern... a healthier life pattern.  

This 2 ½ hour workshop includes a breath awareness exercise, lecture, facilitated breathwork session and debrief/question- answer time.

What to expect for your first Acupuncture appointment:

  • Come in comfy clothing if you'd like, come as you are! 
  • Know your goals for treatment. i.e.: anxiety relief, weight loss, improve sleep, etc.
  • Have a snack first.
  • Don't brush your tongue.
  • If a needle is irritating, speak up!
  • If you get cold easily, request a blanket.
  • Relax! It's okay to snooze.